Titan Takeover is here to give our thoughts on the Titans' Draft Selections, pick by pick.

Trade: Lendale to Seahawks

In case you haven't heard, Lendale White & Kevin Vickerson were both traded to the Seahawks. What did we gain? Not much, we only switched 4th and 6th rounders (that moves us up a few slots, but ust a few).

Round One, 16th overall - Derrick Morgan

Like I said in an earlier post, I think D-Morgan was a steal at 16th. In my opinion, this guy is better than JPP who was widely-expected to be a Titan).

Round Three, 77th - Damian Williams

Saying Damian Williams is your second pick in the draft, doesn't sound like the best thing in the world but I think he could be a soild return man when it's all said and done... As a reciever, not so much.

Round Three, pick 97th - Rennie Curran

At first, this didn't sound like the best pick. But then I got thinking, and it's actually smart. I think Rennie will add a great deal of depth to our ever-changing linebacking crew.

Round Four, 104th - Alterraun Verner

his is (sort of) the LenDale pick. Alterraun was a decent player in college, that could maybe find a small roll on this team next season. He may not of been the best pick at 104 but we needed to touch up our secondary.

Round Five, 148th - Robert Johnson

The Titans went DB again when they selected Utah's Robert Johnson in the fifth round. I think the Titans were looking more into the future (or just depth) when they got Robert, don't expect him to get much PT this season.

Round Six, 176th - Rusty Smith

I don't know why the Titans went Rusty Smith. I think we have plenty of convidence in Vince, Kerry, and Simms to get the job done. Don't expect Smith to be on the regualr season roster, the Titans only picked him becuase they like his name (I'm guessing).

Round Six, 207th - Myron Rolle

Now that's a good pick! I believe Rolle has plenty of talent and only dropped so low due to his year away from the game.

Round Seven, 222nd - Marc Mariani

An FCS kid out of Montana. He was a beast in college, but was playing weak talent. Like the majority of seventh rounder, this guy probably won't be on the squad come the regular season.

Round Seven, 241st - David Howard

Another FCS boy, this one out of Brown. He's a big boy, but will likely face the same fate as Marc Mariana.