That team that had high hopes of going deep in the playoffs seems to be fading away quicker and quicker for the Tennessee Titans. The team is on a four-game skid and now finds themselves with a losing record in a season where they thought just making the playoffs would have been a disappointment. And after they gained Randy Moss, most people expected them to have all the weapons they would need to make a Super Bowl run.

Then the fallout happened. Vince Young gets yet another injury and has an emotional breakdown, which leads to the end of his season and possibly his career at this franchise. Throw in a lack of effort from our star running back and newly-attained wide receiver, and you have a terrible (TERRIBLE) team with embarrassing numbers on both sides of the ball.

Now Jeff Fisher's job is in trouble yet again, and the season appears to be over even with five games left to play. The team may only be one game out of the playoffs, but they feel like a winless squad on their way to the worse season in franchise history.

It's going to be an interesting offseason.