Nothing like talking about the Preseason in March...

Here's a quick breakdown of the Titans Preseason Games:

Aug 12-16 at Seattle

If you think about it, the Titans will be playing the Seahawks in back-to-back games - end of last year and this year's preseason.

I see this as the easiest game we'll have in the preseason. Last year they knew what we were going to do every play (which is run the play, over and over) and they still couldn't stop it.

Aug. 23 Arizona

This is the most interesting match-up of all. Whenever its Vince vs Matt, it's sure to be a good game (even if they won't be out there long).

Aug. 26-29 at Carolina

Carolina is a strange team. Sometimes, they can be one of the most difficult teams to stop and other times they can be the easiest team to stop. You never know what Panthers team is coming to play.

Sept. 2-3 New Orleans

The Super Bowl Champions... Don't get to excited though, New Orleans won't have their starters out long - but for the short time they do, it should be a fun game to watch.