Talk is continuing to build at the Titans' offseason workouts. Everything from CJ's contract, to Albert Haynesworth trades, to Jeff Fisher rating his players' preformances so far. And we here at Titan Takeover know that it's a little tough to keep up with all the chatter, and we're here to put it all in one place for you.

Chris Johnson Update

CJ hasn't shown up for any workouts to this point, just like last year. Only this time it's for another reason, as he plans to holdout on us to he gets his "deserved" money. The only thing is, Jeff Fisher doesn't seem very worried about it:

"I think after a couple of more weeks he'll start missing us,'' Fisher told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. "Plus, Chris is under contract.''

Albert Haynesworth Trade-Talk

The Redskins are still looking to trade the "$100 million-dollar man," And new rumors have escalated that the Titans are officially interested - I'll keep an eye out for more on this.

Vickerson Allowed to Workout with Team

DT Kevin Vickerson signed a workout wavier, which allows him to be with the team over the workout period - but is yet to sign the one-year tender offered by the Titans earlier in the offseason.

Jeff Fisher Wants More Effort Out of Kenny Britt

The man often seen as our best wideout, Kenny Britt, is taking some recent heat for being "very. very inconsistent"