Every day, more hoopla is made of Chris Johnson holding out and I'm constantly receiving questions about why we don't just pay the man. That's why I made this post, to answer any question you may have about the issue.

Most people don't know about the NFL's 30% Rule, the real reason CJ isn't getting his money. You see, the 30% Rule says that a player's salary can only increase 30% from his salary the year before. So while Chris Johnson may want to be the highest paid NFL player (or at least high paid running back) he can't. I'll even do a little math to prove it.

If CJ has a base salary of 550K one year, how much can it increase next year? Only 165K, which adds up to 715K - not cutting it for "highest paid player."

Now understand that there is a way around this rule. If the Titans were to give Chris Johnson a bonus, it would not count against the 30% Rule. The only problem is, for CJ to be the highest paid man, it would take one of the biggest mid-contact salary bonuses ever (we're talking about many, many millions). And remember, all bonuses are 100% guaranteed - so the Titans would have to pay him all that money, no matter what happens. That's dangerous considering Chris is a running back, one of the most vulnerable positions in the game.

Don't get me wrong, I think Chris deserves more than 550K, too. But I'm going to go ahead and tell you the Titans will never pay a RB that kind of a bonus - and they shouldn't be.

Sorry Chris, but you'll just have to wait.