Like most offseason days, there isn't to talk about at the moment. Although every now and then, you can find a few small stories - like the ones I have today.

Cortland Finnegan Works Out With Darrelle Revis

That's right, Cort is going to be training with the NFL's best corner next week. Smart move, especially if he ever wants there to be a Finnegan Island.

Vince Young to Visit McNair's Mother on Death Anniversary

"I'm gonna go out to Mama Mac's house. I'm gonna go out there and spend the weekend with Mama Mac in Mississippi.

"It's the one-year anniversary for Steve not being here. It's gonna be a sad moment, but we're gonna eat some barbecue and celebrate the life of Steve McNair, the things he put in my life and his family's life.'' -- Vince Young to The Tennessean