Well kids, it's time to talk some football. Preaseason, that is.

1. Vince Young has Improved

I'm digging VY's play so far. He's been on-target and he's making less mistakes. If he can keep this up, we may find our selves back in the playoffs.

2. LeGarrette is Good!

If you didn't notice, I stayed away from posting about LeGarrette incident at practice. I thought it was a real negative story, and being the Blount fan I am, I didn't want to talk about it. Oh, and by the way, he's a beast and that was obvious Monday Night.

3. Our Young DBs are Solid

With no real return date set for Finnegan, our young corners may need to step up. And if this preseason tells us anything, they can. Personally, I'm an Alterraun Verner fan.