Week One of the NFL season is in the wraps and we have plenty of headlines to talk about today. First, of course, is the Titans dominant preformance against the Raiders.

Sure, I expected us to beat the Raiders but even I didn't think we would shut them down like we did. The score was 38-13, but the game wasn't even that close. Oakland's offensive line was awful and their defense may have been even worse. And if we wouldn't have let up, it would have been an even better spanking.

Chris Johnson Proves His Greatness--

Just a few days before the game, Adrian Peterson announced that he was faster, stronger, and all-around better than Chris Johnson... Yeah, we see how that turn out. CJ ran for 142 yards and 2 TDs (while AP only had 87 yards with no TDs).

Texans Now a Threat--

For the majority of their franchise history, the Houston Texans have been pushed around by both the Colts & Titans -- but that could all be changing now, the Texans defeated the Colts last week and you can bet they will be ready when the Titans come around.